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Guest Bars - Set of 3 Assorted - Ambery Lavende, Tropical Citrus, Terra Verbena

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Three of the nicest soap bars you'll ever use.  Real soap.  

Tropical Citrus, Ambery Lavener and Terra Verbena. 

Next time you pack, think about your experience and plan ahead.  Take Dolce Mia guest bars.

Three guest bars.

  • Creamy, rich lather
  • Naturally rich in moisturizing glycerine
  • Good for delicate skin and for children
  • Long-lasting bar
  • Made in California
Our all-natural bar soap is gentle and moisturizing, thanks to a high amount of glycerin and no sulfates, detergents or alcohol. Ideal for sensitive skin and eczema. Biodegradable, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free.